Education Fund of Northern Nevada

The Education Fund of Northern Nevada (EFNN) is a Nevada non-profit corporation which was formed by a group of Nevada businessmen for the express purpose of soliciting donations and providing scholarships as authorized under the provisions of the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program (NECSP). The law governing the NECSP allows businesses to contribute their Nevada Modified Business Tax to a qualified Scholarship Grant Organization approved by the State of Nevada Department of Education. The Education Fund of Northern Nevada is one of the Scholarship Grant Organizations in Nevada.

EFNN is also a qualified charitable organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and as such, contributions made to EFNN are deductible for federal tax purposes as charitable contributions. All businesses making contributions to EFNN should consult their individual accountants or other tax professionals regarding the specific tax consequences of contributions to EFNN.

What makes Education Fund of Northern Nevada different is that the board of directors, administrators, accountants, and office staff are all from Nevada. Our office is in Reno, Nevada and all our people are part of the local and State community. We understand the need for private education in The State of Nevada.