Nevada Choice Scholarship

The Nevada Choice Scholarship was created by the Nevada legislature in 2015. It allows corporations doing business in Nevada to claim 100% of their State of Nevada Modified Business Tax as a tax credit, if the corporation makes a contribution to an approved Scholarship Grant Organization (SGO). The Education Fund of Northern Nevada is one of the approved Scholarship Grant Organizations. The taxpayer can carry forward the credit against their Nevada Modified Business Tax for a period not to exceed five years.

The Scholarship Grant Organizations will provide scholarships to students to attend private schools in the State of Nevada. The maximum scholarship allowed under the law is $8,597 per student for the 2021-2022 school year. The eligibility of the student receiving a scholarship is also regulated by the law. The student must be a member of a household that has a household income which is not more than 300 percent of the federally designated level signifying poverty those formulas may be viewed by clicking here.

The Nevada Choice Scholarship was created by Nevada Assembly Bill 165 (AB165). That bill can be found at here.

The Nevada Department of Education also has information about the program on their website here.

The following application is for returning students entering into or continuing High School education only.

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Returning High school students