Frequently asked questions:

Can I submit one application for all my children and include just one copy of my tax return?
No, each child should have their own complete application. You may submit one tax return per household.

Will a tax return extension suffice for the tax information requested?
No, an extension must be followed up with the actual tax return before the June 1st deadline for an application to be considered complete.

Can I send in one tax return if my spouse and I file separately?
No, both custodial parent’s returns must be sent in.

If I share custody with a former spouse, do you need both tax returns?
Yes, both returns must be sent in.

Should I send my application in before I get my taxes done?
You should wait and send it all together before the June 1st deadline.

Can I only apply for one scholarship or can I apply to other scholarship grant organizations?
You can apply to as many scholarship grant organizations as you wish. Scholarships are granted through the Scholarship Grant Organizations and the maximum each student can receive is $8,597.

Does the Education Fund of Northern Nevada require an application fee?
No application fee is required for EFNN.

To be considered for a scholarship an application must:

  • Reside in Nevada
  • Attend a state approved private school which should be clearly marked on the application
  • Be going into highschool 9-12 grades (No college students will be considered)
  • Have a household income that qualifies as described on page 2
  • Submit a signed complete application, and have the required tax information or SNAP letter included